Why Qdoba?


We make money the same way you do.

Our philosophy is simple: The best franchise brands know how to build and operate their own restaurants, not just sell their restaurant “concept” to others. That’s why our strong position in corporate owned restaurants is such a distinct advantage for our franchisees. We make decisions, build our brand and manage our business in ways that optimize unit economics. And, for good reason. Much of our overall revenue is generated at the restaurant level. No different than our franchisees.

We’re not an investment company.

With Qdoba, you’re not buying a franchise from an investment company. You’re buying from a restaurant company with more corporate owned and managed restaurants than many fast casual chains have in their whole systems. We’ve successfully built and aggressively continue to build €“company restaurants as long-term investments in our operating model. Even so, Qdoba is still the biggest franchise player in its category, creating an ideal opportunity for highly qualified franchise operators to engage with our brand.

Our focus is on selling food.

While partnering with franchisees increases growth, we know that is not the real key to our success. The real key is our food. It’s the wide variety of delicious flavors at Qdoba that bring new customers in and bring loyal customers back. We see it every day in our own restaurants. And our franchisees benefit from that single-minded focus. As successful restaurant operators, we know what franchisees need to succeed, because they’€™re the same things we need to succeed. At Qdoba, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

What Franchisees are saying

“When I first visited Qdoba Mexican Grill and met with the Senior Management, I was immediately impressed by their dedication and commitment and concept. It was evident from the beautifully designed interior down to the freshly prepared ingredients that they not only believed in the concept but in their products as well.”

Michael Bladow / 10 Qdoba Restaurants

“As one of the earliest Qdoba franchisees, I am very satisfied with Qdoba as a franchise investment. We have experienced solid growth throughout our nearly ten-year history. Today, we have over 40 stores open, with several more in the pipeline. With consistent comp store sales growth, and great customer acceptance at new locations, we are confident our growth will continue.”

Mike Pranke / 40 Qdoba Restaurants

“As a ten year Franchisee of Qdoba, I couldn’€™t be happier with the quality of product we serve, the leverage of brand we have built and the overall unit economics of the concept. Operations, marketing, R&D, site selection support, etc continue to exceed my expectations. Qdoba management continues to challenge itself to make our brand even stronger and sales and profits even higher.”

Steve Lauer / 15 Qdoba Restaurants

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