Our Story

Food for people who love food

We believe food’€™s primary role in our lives is about one simple thing: ENJOYMENT.

When you really love food, you have to love every aspect of it, especially preparation. For us, preparation is a ritual.

It’s how we show our proper respect for the food and bring out the full flavor each ingredient imparts to the overall taste. Put simply, our ingredients get our undivided attention and effort. Over the course of several hours each morning and ongoing throughout the day, we chop, dice, smash, simmer, season, blend and grill them to perfection; which is no small endeavor since almost everything we serve is prepared by hand.


We know where good taste comes from.

You can’t be passionate about food without being passionate about ingredients. So when it comes to that, we leave nothing to chance. And that means we carefully select only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients.

Whether it’s selecting the best cuts of meat to grill over an open flame to preserve a special sweetness, or painstakingly matching the flavor profile and spice level of our peppers to our salsas, we tend to get a little obsessive when it comes to ingredients. Not surprisingly, that obsessiveness culminates in the creation of a great tasting meal.

We admit, we’re slaves to taste. We routinely traverse Mexico in search of authentic recipes and ingredients that we can blend in our own flavors.

Needless to say, it’s not an exact science, and we don’€™t employ specific formulas or processes. Our 3-Cheese Queso alone took 47 attempts at various combinations before striking gastronomical gold. What it all comes down to is having a passion for crafting something creative and special; food that your taste buds will love you for.

Taste buds never lie.

Great tasting food is only part of a good meal.

Food. There’€™s a lot to love about it.

There’s something time-honored about getting together with good company to connect, share and enjoy a meal together. Whether it’s in our restaurant, in your home or anywhere else, we celebrate those simple yet important times every day.

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